2019 Christmas Candle ….


…. a perfect campaign opportunity for you – here’s how 

Christmas Candle

The 2019 ‘Christmas Candle’ is now available giving you the perfect campaign opportunity to contact your tribute fund holders to encourage them to visit and re-engage with their tribute fund at this poignant time of year. At the same time, implementing a Christmas Candle campaign enables you to benefit too with a vital boost to your Charity’s donation income.

Tribute Funds provide your supporters with a special place they can visit that is dedicated to the memory of their loved one. They may not be aware that a bespoke Christmas Candle is something they can add to their Fund over the festive period so let them know that this is now available for them. Whilst they do have the option to leave a message without making a donation, our Charity Partners who communicate about the Christmas Candle advise us that most supporters do actually make a contribution as well.

Let your fund holders know that you are thinking of them over the festive period and keep your relationship with them active. Simply send out an email that reminds them to visit their tribute fund, and that by clicking on “Contribute” and then “Light a Candle” they’ll be able to choose the Christmas Candle and leave their message. The candle will show instantly on their Fund. Don’t forget, another tip to suggest to Fund holders, is to share their tribute fund link with family and friends as the option to light the Christmas Candle can be a real comfort for them too.

Alternatively, why not add the candle on your Tributes with a message from your charity that you are thinking of your supporter and their family at this time of year? This is a great way for cementing supporter relationships by offering them such a lovely, bespoke way to remember and reflect.

Christmas Candle

The benefit of letting your Fund holders know about the Christmas Candle gives you a perfect campaign opportunity for you to implement and helps maintain your stewardship plans for Tribute Funds.

To find out more information about MuchLoved’s bespoke Tribute Fund Platform, and tips about how to get the most out of your scheme, please get in touch by emailing support@muchloved.com or calling the office on 01494 722818.