Top Tips for improving your Funeral Donations Propoistion

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Top Ten Tips

As donating in lieu of flowers becomes standard practice and over £100 million plus gift aid is being collected per annum through UK funeral directors, charities need to start focusing on their options for Funeral Collections.

Much of that income is still being collected via cash and cheques, but the change to online is coming rapidly.  Interestingly, the funeral directors aren’t always the conduit for these collections and it’s not unusual for a family to set up their own online page before the funeral arrangements are made.

Charities offering supporters with more choice around funeral collections will lead to new supporter relationships.   MuchLoved Trustee, Jonathan Davies, has recently presented on how charities can make substantial improvements by taking just a few simple steps.

Here are 3 of Jonathan’s Top Tips:



Create a specific standalone Funeral Donations page on your website – don’t incorporate with other content such as in-memory donations

Check out how you rank in searches:

– Google ‘Your Charity Name + Funeral Donations’

 – Search for ‘Funeral Donations’ in your own website homepage search box

Top Tip 9


Personalise the copy on your Funeral Donations page

Make it unique to your organisation but make sure you are including all the key phrases which will increase your search results.



Top Tip 8


Add Design, Colour and Artwork

Make it stand out from the rest, the right imagery will help to express a sense of care and ease and make your organisation more appealing to supporters.


If you’d like to see all of his Top 10 tips, please