Personalise Tributes more with Beautiful Themes

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Beach theme

Imagine families and friends visiting a Tribute and immediately the spirit of their loved one is evoked.  Our Tribute themes capture the personality and passions of the person – whether is it their love of the outdoors, music, a particular sport, their faith…

We have well over 100 themes to choose from, grouped into similar areas of interests, with choices suitable for babies, children and adults.  Recently we added summer and sailing designs to the range capturing the outdoor spirit and evoking happier times on the beach.

Adding one of our themes to a Tribute is simple to do, either as part of the set-up of a Tribute or subsequently if the family want to change their tribute look and feel.

How to Personalise a Theme during the ‘Create’ process:

  1. Log in to your Partner Area, click ‘Create a Tribute’ and enter the information as normal
  2. On the last section ‘Tribute Appearance’, select a theme in the ‘Theme’ drop down list.  A thumbnail of your choice will pop up under the drop-down box.
  3. Click the ‘Create Tribute’ button.

How to Change the Theme of an Existing Tribute:

  1. Log In to your Tribute and click on the Settings link on the grey bar
  2. Click on Tribute Appearance and then Style and Font Options
  3. Select your design from the different types of themes shown and click OK at the bottom of the page

Our beautiful themes are developed and introduced in response to feedback so please keep on telling us any requests.  We have quite a few additional designs coming along soon based around hobbies and interests – we’ll keep you posted when they’re ready.

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