Increase your in-memoriam donations


Raising awareness, and understanding how Tribute Funds can be a positive tool for your in-memoriam donors,  gives you a perfect campaign opportunity to develop your relationship with them. By encouraging them to set up a Fund, you have given your supporter a platform to donate  – thus increasing vital in-memoriam profile and income for your charity.  MuchLoved New Tribute Layout

Tribute funds provide your supporters with a special place that is dedicated to the memory of their loved one.  You may have already communicated this to them when you thanked them for their in-memoriam donation but, as we all know, family and friends have so many other things to think about when recently bereaved and they may not have considered setting up a Fund at this time.

Ongoing timely reminders are considered helpful, and for those people who didn’t set up a Tribute Fund, a simple communication to let them know your Charity is still thinking about them, reiterating the benefits of setting up a Tribute Fund will also help maintain a connection with your supporter.

Why not include an example of an existing Tribute Fund to explain what a positive experience setting up a Fund can be for family and friends?  One of the lovely features of Tribute Funds is that they can be used either in the short term or long term – a great tool for your in-mem supporters as they keep total control of all aspects of their Fund, including how long they want to keep it.

Funds enable your supporters  to have a place to light a candle, upload pictures and dedicate any fundraising achievements in memory of their loved one – but, importantly, a way of encouraging repeat donations for your charity.

To find out more information about MuchLoved’s bespoke Tribute Fund Platform, please get in touch by emailing us or calling the office on 01494 722818.