Entirely embed your Tribute Fund Scheme with MuchLoved’s API Widgets

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MuchLoved’s variety of platform widgets will enable you to entirely embed your Tribute Fund scheme within your website. With the ‘Create’ Widget your supporters are able to set up their tribute directly from your website. From the ‘Search’ widget they’re able to find a loved one, friend or relatives’ tribute fund page. With the ‘Tribute Details’ widget, any tribute fund content you want is displayed entirely on your web-domain, including collecting donations. The additional ‘Funeral Collection’ widget then gives you a more modern alternative to funeral collection envelopes.

Our collection of widgets create a better user experience, give you total branding control, ensure that content is kept up to date and make Tribute Funds a completely integrated part of your offering.

British Lung Foundation have recently embedded the Create, Search and Tribute Details widget and would highly recommend them.

Thanks to MuchLoved’s new Tribute Details API Widget, our supporters can access our tribute funds and make donations in the easiest way possible, at just the click of a button. It’s had a positive impact on the take up of tributes. Especially as we have such a high number of people using them it’s great to have the process simplified. We’d highly recommend it!.” Katie Collis, Legacy & In Memoriam Executive

British Lung Foundation Tribute Search Widget   British Lung Foundation Tribute Details Widget

The widgets are simple and easy to add to your webpages, and we provide a widget that uses all the styles and fonts of your website.  Please contact the MuchLoved office on 01494 722818 if you would like more information about the widgets or email support@muchloved.com.