Embed your Tribute Funds into your website with our new Create and Search API widgets.

Clare HoltDesign Principles, Partners

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Two new API widgets from MuchLoved allow your supporters to Search for a tribute or Create a New Tribute from within your own charity website.  The widgets, which are simple to add, mean charities can have all the benefits of our proven, comprehensive, market leading  functionality sitting inside their own websites.  And more API widgets are coming soon – including Donate functions and View Tribute Details.

We’ve been working with MuchLoved for over three years and it has been great to offer our supporters their online tributes. We’ve just upgraded to their API widget, which means the creation and search processes are integrated into our own website. It’s made it much easier for our supporters to use and has even led to an increase in the number of tributes created. MuchLoved are great to work with and really put the interests of bereaved families and friends at the heart of everything they do.Laura Sparrow, Legacy & In Memory Giving Executive, Prostate Cancer UK

Get in touch if you would like to receive one or more API widgets for your website.  We will send you the code for you or your digital team to add into your existing In Memory, Tribute Fund or Funeral Donations page.  You can use the widgets in multiple places on your website – so perhaps add a Create widget alongside your information about funeral donation envelopes.