Our new-look Tributes

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Over 50% of MuchLoved’s users now access their tributes on smartphones and small hand held devices.  The content our users upload is precious and needs to be clearly visible – … Read More

Bespoke GDPR Marketing Asks

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GDPR has been a hot topic for most people within charitable organisations this year. Here are the ICO’s top five data protection tips for small and medium sized charities: Tell … Read More

British Lung Foundation Case Study

Clare HoltFeatures, Partners

BLF Breath of Life Funds

“MuchLoved’s bespoke service provide us with the perfect platform for our Breath of Life Funds. It gives our supporters the right level of personalisation and control, inspiring fund holders and their families … Read More

Bespoke Email Notifications

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MuchLoved have introduced a new set of email alerts for Tribute Fund partners, providing a huge range of notifications. These bespoke notifications allow you to tailor the information that you … Read More